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6 of the Creepiest Toys Ever Made - Excuse Meme
6 of the Creepiest Toys Ever Made
March 18, 2011
If I had played with these 6 creepy toys as a child, I imagine I'd be a very disturbed adult.

#6 The Furby

The idea of taking home a Furby seems adorable... until you bring the evil thing home and he starts talking in the middle of the night, begging you to play with him. (True story.) I don't trust those bulging Furby eyes. Not one bit.

#5 Chatty Cathy

Ah Chatty Cathy, the talking doll to revolutionize all dolls... and officially make them creepier than ever, because from then on they could talk!

#4 Wuv Luv

Wuv Luv is a toy from the 90's similar to the phenomenon of the Furby, but with an even spookier design - who puts fake eyelashes the size a hooker would wear on a child's toy? If you have two, they'll even speak to each other... 'nough said.

#3 Mattel's Baby Secret

Lean in a little closer. I suspect Mattel's Baby Secret is about to whisper her secret plans to annihilate the human population, starting with you.

#2 Shave the Baby Doll from Japan

I hope I don't have to give an explaination for why this "Shave the Baby" doll from Japan is creepy. Not to mention, awkward.

#1 Baby Laugh A Lot

More like Baby Cackle a Lot. Shudder. They should have made a horror movie à la Chucky based off this doll - it would have been a hundred times scarier.
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