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Lady Gaga's 12 Most Outrageous Outfits - Excuse Meme
Lady Gaga's 12 Most Outrageous Outfits
March 18, 2011
Where do we even start? There are hundreds - nay, thousands - of crazy Lady GaGa costumes, but we fervently dug through the archives to compile this list of the 12 most outrageous Gaga outfits.

#12 Lady Gaga at the Much Much Awards - 2009

Say it with me: Flaming. Nipples.

#11 Lady Gaga in Berlin - 2010

Wait, you mean those awards weren't part of the original ensemble? Maybe I should rethink this pick...

...Yeah, nevermind. Still deserves to be on this list.

#10 Lady Gaga at a MAC Party in London - 2010

Looks comfortable.

#9 Lady Gaga in a Muppet Skirt

#8 Lady Gaga's Egg Arrival at the 53rd Grammy's - 2010

You know you're a big celebrity when... you have enough money to afford to pay others to surrender their dignity by wearing nude suits while carrying you around in an egg.

#7 Lady Gaga at the ACE Awards - 2009

#6 Lady Gaga performing on SNL - 2009

#5 Lady Gaga with Lobster on Head - 2010

#4 Lady Gaga with Antlers on Head - 2010

If you thought the lobster was crazy, try these antlers on for size.

#3 Lady Gaga on Japanese Variety Show

You can feel the jealousy seething in the other girls' eyes.

#2 Lady Gaga's Meat Dress at VMA Awards - 2010

Everyone saw this one coming, but does it make the outfit any less worthy of a long head scratch and an audible utter of "What the hell?" I think not.

#1 Lady Gaga in Kermit Outfit

With video to match:

Poor Kermit the Frogs. Their lives were so short-lived.
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