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3 Bollywood Action Scenes That'll Blow Your Mind - Excuse Meme
3 Bollywood Action Scenes That'll Blow Your Mind
March 21, 2011
In India, the size of your mustache is proportional to your ability to kick ass. I'm serious. Just check out these videos for proof.

Infamous "Horse Drifting" Escape

Scenario: You're being chased on horseback, unable to stop, with a daunting obstacle coming up ahead. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?

Mustached Man Lightly Kicks And Punches His Enemies To Oblivion

I don't think even Chuck Norris could top the effortless ass-whooping this mustached Indian man unleashes onto his enemies.

Indian Guy vs Chopper

Never in the history of cinema has anyone dared to create the most stupendous duel between a man and a chopper.... until now.
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