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The 12 Cutest Endangered Animals - Excuse Meme
The 12 Cutest Endangered Animals
March 21, 2011
All endangered species deserve our attention, but we can't help that some are more cuddly than others. We dare you not to melt as you check out the faces of these 12 cutest endangered animals.

#12 Kangaroo Rat

Kangaroo Rat
Why They're Cute: How can you resist those beady eyes and pleading expression?

Why They're Endangered: Agricultural development in the 1950s were the first of this species' problems, when farmers began pest-control tactics against the kangaroo rats. More recent oil and natural gas exploration has also been suggested as a culprit for further deaths.

#11 African Golden Cat

African Golden Cat
Why They're Cute: They look just like your house cat, only with faces that are twice as big for twice the cuteness.

Why They're Endangered: Deforestation in their native West and East Africa has resulted in loss of habitat. Bush meat trade is also a popular practice in the area, and although there is little direct hunting of the African golden cat, they get caught in traps.

#10 Mono Titi Monkey

Mono Titi Monkeys
Why They're Cute: Mono Titi monkeys love to travel in packs, making for plentiful snuggly Kodak moments as evidence in the photo above.

Why They're Endangered: Since 1980, the population of the Mono Titi has decreased from around 200,000 to a mere thousand. Threats to this species include deforestation, habitat destruction, and capture for use as personal pets.

#9 Gentle Lemur

Alaotran Gentle Lemur
Why They're Cute: Their often bewildered expression gives 'em a certain irresistible quality. You talking to me?

Why They're Endangered: Gentle lemurs biggest threat is poachers, who catch them in their local habitat of the wetlands surrounding Madagascar in large numbers and sell them as cheap meat. The Alaotran gentle lemur population has decreased by 30%, leaving about 5,000 left to fend for themselves in the wild.

#8 Black Footed Ferret

Black Footed Ferret
Why They're Cute: They're furry, have uniquely long bodies, and look not unlike puppies when they're born.

Why They're Endangered: Many of the black footed ferrets' natural prey - prairie dogs, specifically - have been hunted by North American settlers, decreasing their sources of food. In 1985, there were only 10 known black footed ferrets still surviving in the wilds.

#7 Tree Kangaroo

Tree Kangaroo
Why They're Cute: It's like a fox, a dog and a kangaroo came together to create the perfect love child.

Why They're Endangered: Dangers to the species include habitat loss due to destruction of rain forests, the introduction of fox and wild dog species, and in some cases, car accidents.

#6 Iberian Lynx

Iberian Lynx
Why They're Cute: Those eyes, those eyes, those stripes, those stripes...

Why They're Endangered: A great amount of threats surround the Iberian Lynx. First, diseases that swept through the population in the 1950's and then the 1980's, followed by loss of habitat, illegal hunting, poison baits and traps set up for other animals.

#5 Axolotl Salamander

Why They're Cute: It's a smiling fish!

Why They're Endangered: Axolotl salamanders are the unfortunate victims of draining of its lake habitats, deteriorating water quality, and the introduction of new species of fish, which eat their babies.

#4 Beluga Whale

Beluga Whale
Why They're Cute: Belugas love giving big kisses.

Beluga whale kissing boy

Why They're Endangered: The main cause of the decline in the Beluga population was unregulated hunting, in addition to human water pollution, disease and oil spills.

#3 Slow Loris

Slow Loris
Why They're Cute: They have huge, Anime-like eyes, like to nibble on bananas and love being tickled.

Why They're Endangered: The slow loris' natural defenses are weak, making them vulnerable to be captured, sold as pets, or hunted for medicinal use.

#2 Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox
Why They're Cute: Their tiny frame contrasted by their big ol' ears make them wildly lovable.

Why They're Endangered: This one is a bit of a cheat, seeing as fennec foxes are thankfully no longer classified as an endangered species. However, they are still under threats of being hunted and traded by humans. Plus, they're so darn cute!

#1 Red Panda

Red Panda
Why They're Cute: This should be obvious. C'mon, just check out that smiling face. They are also apparently a fan of eating carrots.

Why They're Endangered: Deforestation is the main cause of this adorable red panda's decline in population, but other factors that endanger the species include being hunted, and pollutants that damage the soil and plants.
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