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The 9 Best Rebecca Black "Friday" GIFs - Excuse Meme
The 9 Best Rebecca Black "Friday" GIFs
March 23, 2011
Rebecca Black makes Fridays more fun, fun, fun, fun for the internet. Check out the 9 funniest GIFs to emerge from the "Friday" meme, as well as the song's original video.

Proof that white people can't dance.

Lay off on the ass slaps, wannabe pedo bear.

50 Cent is not amused.

Cruising down the highway. Screw seatbelts.

He obviously won't be kickin' in the front seat or the back seat.

Mad accordion skills.

Gettin' down with her Frans on Friday. Fun, fun, fun.

Which seat can Satan take?

We were all secretly hoping this would be the surprise ending.
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