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10 Photoshop Disasters: Extra Hands and Limbs - Excuse Meme
10 Photoshop Disasters: Extra Hands and Limbs
March 25, 2011
Ever dreamed of having extra hands or limbs? Photoshop can make your fantasies come true. Here are 10 of the most awful photoshop disasters with extra hands, arms or legs.


"Who cares if there are hands growing out of his torso? He's a Jonas Brother!"


Having only one hand with twice the amount of fingers must make work life a little awkward.


"I sure wish Daddy was here!" ...If only she knew.


Little did Julie know, the restraining order she filed against her stalker didn't apply to his hands.



"My extra foot always gets so damn dirty, why don't they sell shoes in pairs of three?"


He's a lone wolf, has his own hand to hold, and doesn't need anyone else.



Get more good stuff, indeed.


This is why I never garden.
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