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16 Biggest Parenting Fails - Excuse Meme
16 Biggest Parenting Fails
March 28, 2011
If you ever feel bad about your parenting skills, just check out these 16 biggest parenting fails. You'll instantly feel better about yourself.


"I wonder why this subway seat is so lumpy..."


Who says there's no time for a gaming addiction when you're a parent?


Seriously? Seriously?



Those miniature shopping carts finally have a use.


Baby's first Hitler!


When I say redneck, you say wedding.


"Shh, don't wake the baby."


Plastic bags are safe to put on a baby's head, right?


Even I will have nightmares tonight.


Grocery ran out of shopping carts? Just use the stroller.


That poor kid is almost as scared as I am.


Start 'em early and they'll be the coolest kids in college.



"Hold on honey, Mommy just has to email this picture before I can get you your bottle."


"That article on how to homemake your cribs was very helpful."
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