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12 Most Unfortunately Named Chinese Restaurants - Excuse Meme
12 Most Unfortunately Named Chinese Restaurants
April 18, 2011
Often, things get lost in translation... an unfortunate truth that these 12 Chinese restaurants had to suffer the consequences of. Check out these hilarious restaurant names!

#12 - Homely Style Food

#11 - Primitive and Healthy Resataurant

Primitive food? I only hope there's someone in the kitchen cooking over a flame and chopping vegetables with knives carved from stone. Otherwise that's just false advertising.

#10 - Fatty Song

Sure Fatty Song may be more caloric than its healthy competitor Skinny Song, but the extra fat is worth the diabetes.

#9 - Watery Coffee

Delicious, award winning caffeinated beverages, found only at the world famous Watery Coffee!

#8 - Cafe Tea Ice Cream Snake Meals

Snake as an ice cream topping? Count me in!

#7 - Dragons Eat Pizza

Well, crap... they do? I better watch my back for dragons the next time I order Pizza Hut, then.

#6 - Come and Wait Restaurant

Waiting is probably the last thing you'd want to do at a restaurant, but hey... if it's your thing?

#5 - Time to Be More Chocolate Cafe

I'd become 100% chocolate if given the choice, honestly.

#4 - PCP Dining

Sounds like a highly satisfying dining experience. Emphasis on the high.

#3 - Smell Fast Food

#2 - Wang Steak

Wang Steak: made from a special, exotic cut of beef.

#1 - Turd Baby

Nothing gets my appetite roaring more than turds and babies.
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