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5 Funniest Anti-Weed Commercials - Excuse Meme
5 Funniest Anti-Weed Commercials
April 20, 2011
In honor of 4-20, we bring you the 5 funniest anti-marijuana commercials and PSAs. Enjoy!

#5 - Ninja Turtles Against Marijuana

Oh no, Joey is in a pickle! No worries, because Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are here to help him out with this sticky situation.

#4 - Drug Free America

Because apparently, 100% of all children are smoking marijuana.

#3 - An Average Day for a 13 Year Old

Welcome to third period science, would you like some weed with that?

#2 - Dog Tells Girl to Stop Smoking Pot

This PSA could be convincing, in a way. You know, like the, "Shit, man. My dog just started talking to me. Maybe it is time to lay off the weed" sort of way. Then again, it might also make me want to smoke up some more. Who wouldn't want to chat with their pet?

#1 - I Learned It By Watching You!!

Oh, the shame. Classic, just classic.
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