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8 Most Ridiculous Royal Wedding Products - Excuse Meme
8 Most Ridiculous Royal Wedding Products
April 21, 2011
Looking for unique souvenirs to remember the epic royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton that will occur at the end of this month? Look no further than these 8 ridiculous royal wedding products.

#8 - Prince William and Kate Middleton Pez Dispensers

You know you've made it when makes a Pez dispenser out of you.

#7 - Kate and William Tea Bags

Does anyone want a spot of tea? I sure hope the royal family won't be using these for their daily tea time.

#6 - Edible Royal Engagement Ring

Like a Ring Pop, except better! More decadent, more expensive, more regal.

#5 - Royal Wedding Pizza

If you're looking for the perfect meal to accompany the upcoming televised royal wedding, you might want to consider this artistic pie from Papa John's.

#4 - Royal Virility Performance

You know, just in case you're all riled up by the festivities yet don't have the drive to, uh, perform, here's a good solution. A royal wedding beer laced with Viagra. You heard me.

#3 - Royal Wedding Refrigerator

This isn't tacky. Nope, not at all.

#2 - Commemorative Kate Middleton Mug with Prince-- Wait a Sec...

Something is very wrong here.

#1 - Royal Wedding Sick Bag

Just in case you're sick of the royal wedding, which after reading this list, you probably should be.
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