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Follow these Cute Cats as they Travel Japan - Excuse Meme
Follow these Cute Cats as they Travel Japan
April 22, 2014
What's better than traveling to Japan with a travel guide? Having two adorable cats as your travel guide, of course. Follow these two adventurous kitties as they eat authentic sushi, frolic in the cherry blossoms, and explore the unique experiences that Japan has to offer!

The journey begins for the two kitties...

"Hey, flight attendant, where's my bento box?"

The cats get comfy in their room...

And swat at cherry blossoms while drinking tea...

These two worked up quite an appetite, and are ready for their first meal

The kitties enjoyed their first meal so much they decided to eat more

"No one told me the chef was a dog. Oh well... Nom, nom, nom... Fish! "

Trying on some Japanese outfits

Gotta take home souvenirs for the family!

Or should we say "fur-mily"

"What a strange cat-like creature..."

Not enough seafood in this meal!

"We were promised sushi, sir."

The two kitties relaxed after a long, tiring adventure

Which really consisted mostly of eating, but we won't tell anyone...
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