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7 Funniest Steve Harvey Moments on Family Feud - Excuse Meme
7 Funniest Steve Harvey Moments on Family Feud
April 23, 2014
The game show Family Feud has included many interesting hosts over the year, but none have been quite as hilarious as Steve Harvey. Today we've compiled some of the most outrageously inappropriate and funny moments on Family Feud during Steve Harvey's time as a host.


Well, it's true!


Guess they couldn't mention the anatomically correct word for "his baloney pony" on TV?


I really want to know if "pork-cupine" was on the board. The anticipation is killing me!


The look on Steve's face says it all...


Maybe it's a taxidermy pet you want to take with you?


Those 5 people who answered "White Dudes" were clearly trolling Family Feud.


This one... I have no words for. And it doesn't look like Steve Harvey does either.
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