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Can You Relate to Awkward Moment Seal? - Excuse Meme
Can You Relate to Awkward Moment Seal?
April 24, 2014
Awkward Moment Seal is officially thefreshest advice animal meme to hit the internet. Not to be confused with Socially Awkward Penguin, this adorable seal is stealing the hearts of meme lovers as he suffers through relatable embarrassing situations with a "poker face" expression. Can you relate to these 10 awkward moments? I can definitely sympathize.


Awkward Moment Seal waiting for cop to make left turn
You wouldn't dare honk your horn at the cop car in front of you... right?


Awkward Moment Seal parents talking about girlfriend's ex
Uh, your girlfriend's parents might be trying to tell you something.


Awkward Moment Seal introduces himself
As someone who had social anxiety in their childhood, hearing this phrase can put my awkwardness into overdrive.


Awkward Moment Seal can't remember friend's name
This is the worst. What do you say? "Hi... buddy?"


Awkward Moment Seal high five
Oh sweet, a high five! Uh, nevermind.


Awkward Moment Seal sharing funny video
And you're just awkwardly waiting there for your friend to start laughing.


Awkward Moment Seal pick a partner
This is honestly worse than the "Now everyone go introduce themselves."


Awkward Moment Seal innocent girlfriend
Don't laugh... don't laugh...


Awkward Moment Seal toilet stall eye contact
Honestly, this one is not only awkward - it's just plain creepy.


Awkward Moment Seal bye to friends
Bye for now, meme lovers!
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