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Photoshop Fail: Us Magazine Photoshopped the Royal Baby - Excuse Meme
Photoshop Fail: Us Magazine Photoshopped the Royal Baby
April 25, 2014
Most photoshop fails are only humorous - or at worst, embarrassing - but they're rarely ever downright disturbing. Let's just say this recently published cover photo of the Royal Baby, Prince George, in Us Magazine, made us go, "WTF?"

Because apparently babies aren't cute enough as they are, the Us cover photo of Baby George is photoshopped. Read more for the before & after, and for a list of the digital changes made to the Royal Baby's image.

Us Magazine Royal Baby Prince George Photoshop Fail
The original photo of Baby George shows chubbier cheeks, darker eyes, paler skin, less pink in his cheeks. In the photoshopped version, his skin has been enhanced to become tanned (don't they know this is a British baby?), healthily flushed, slim cheeks, and bright eyes.

Has Photoshop gone too far this time?
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