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Cutest Startled Cat GIFs (Happy Caturday!) - Excuse Meme
Cutest Startled Cat GIFs (Happy Caturday!)
April 26, 2014
It's that time of the week again: Caturday! As usual, we're celebrating the best day of the week by sharing some of the cutest cat GIFs. Without further ado, enjoy these adorable GIFs of some very startled cats.

#5 - Cat hops away from another cat

#4 - A kitten is startled by his first encounter with a lizard

#3 - Eek! A toaster! Apparently this cat didn't want toast for breakfast

#2 - Kitten disapproves of his owner's foot odor

"You should really have that checked out by a doctor, human."

#1 - A litter of kittens are scared off by their own mother

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