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April 11, 2011
Check out this WTF-inducing, sexist yet hilarious ad taken from a Canadian newspaper that compares a woman's sexual history to used cars. Yep, folks, they actually went there!
>> Continue Reading: Canadian Newspaper Ad Compares Women to Used Cars
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April 12, 2011
Unsurprisingly, the majority of these 11 most bizarre Doritos flavors come from Japan...
>> Continue Reading: 11 of the Weirdest Doritos Flavors
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April 15, 2011
Ever wonder, "What is the greatest level of stupidity a person can reach?" The people who penned these 11 funniest misspelled political signs come dangerously close to answering that question.
>> Continue Reading: 11 Funniest Misspelled Political Signs
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April 16, 2011
A Japanese company has created a new revolutionary product to simulate what it feels to be old! Check out the specs.
>> Continue Reading: Old Age Simulator
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April 18, 2011
Often, things get lost in translation... an unfortunate truth that these 12 Chinese restaurants had to suffer the consequences of. Check out these hilarious restaurant names!
>> Continue Reading: 12 Most Unfortunately Named Chinese Restaurants
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April 19, 2011
Have you ever seen any bizarre posters around town? Let me tell you, even if you have, I bet none were as strange as this...
>> Continue Reading: Child with Slim Arms Wanted
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April 20, 2011
There's a fine line between cute and wildly inappropriate, a line these 11 funny t-shirts definitely cross.
>> Continue Reading: 11 Wildly Inappropriate Kids Shirts
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April 21, 2011
Looking for unique souvenirs to remember the epic royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton that will occur at the end of this month? Look no further than these 8 ridiculous royal wedding products.
>> Continue Reading: 8 Most Ridiculous Royal Wedding Products
tags: wtf royalty
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